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UK Mountain Bike Trails

This app should help you find great trails to ride and best of all some surprises that are just off your doorstep. There are so many cool spots in the UK that its a pity when you miss out. So next time you go travelling use this app to find those gems near you. I ride a lot myself and will endeavour to continually update and improve the quality of the information.

Usefull Features

BREADCRUMB TRAILS: These have now been added for over 100 routes on the app. The pin will help you find the trail start or the parking, or at worst get you in the general area. When you tap the pin the Breadcrumb trail should then be drawn on the map for you. This is very useful if the trails is not marked, the wx is bad or you just want the added backup. NOTE: For existing users you will need to go into the trail by tapping the pin, then tap the blue arrow as normal, scroll down to 'Breadcrumb' trail and then add the respective map. They are all named the same so it should be obvious. If there are several breadcrumb trails for your area, like Afan forest for example, you may just need to add a pin yourself and hook it up to one of the breadcrumb trails.

PDF Files: You can now link to many of the PDF/Map files for the XC trails. Initially you will have to download them but once this is done they will be stored on your phone for quick access and when you dont have a signal.

Future Plans
  • Offline mapping so you can use the App when you have no signal
  • I will endevour to add as many breadcrumb trails as possible as this i believe will make the app far more useful. These will be stored on the phone so they will be quick to load and access.
  • A facilty to record your own route and link it to a pin or share it with others.
  • I also aim to get all the cool places to ride in the UK on this App. Velodromes, jump parks, good Downhills and Epic climbs, not to mention all the new trail centres popping up.

This App will be dedicated to riding in the UK and sharing the best places to ride.

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