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Interactive Smart Trainers

Zwift Compatible

Get Zwift Smart this winter. Turbo training can be a dull, repetitive and negative experience for all but the hardest of riders. However with the new wave of smart and interactive trainers on the market, Zwift and others like it, can quite simply open new worlds, Watopia to be precise.

Riding with cyclists across the world is at the heart of the Zwift experience, exploring routes inspired by Central London and the 2015 World Championship course in Richmond, Virginia, or discover Zwift's virtual world of Watopia. Climb mountains, sprint down famous stretches of road or ride inside a bubbling volcano.

Ride, train, and race in real-time with thousands of cyclists around the globe.

Tacx Software
Garmin Compatible

Zwift work with elite World Tour coaches and build workouts to make you the cyclist you want to become. Programs are tailored to your fitness level and easy to follow, taking the guesswork out of training while keeping it fun. Train by yourself, or join a scheduled group workout.

Choose between hundreds of events - from social, easy rides to intense races with real prizes on the line. The friendly competition keeps you motivated to stay on course and finish at your best.

When you connect a CycleOps smart bike trainer to Zwift for example, you’ll feel every hill and decent that Zwift has to offer.

There are a wealth of manufacturers producing trainers specifically with Zwift in mind, but also there are a great many trainers out there already compatible. Brands include Tacx, Elite, BKool, Cyclops, Kinetic and many more. See our range of Zwift ready trainers, Garmin compatible devices and accessories. Take your training experience to the next level. Get smart. Become interactive.


Tacx Zwift Compatible Trainer from £699.99

Elite Zwift Compatible Trainer from £749

BKool Zwift Compatible Trainers from £1099.99

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