How to Customise Your Profile Bicycle

If you spend a lot of time on your Profile bicycle, consider customising it to fit your needs and personality.

How to Customise Your Profile Bicycle

Whether your Profile bike is a BMX bike, a road bike, a racing bike, or a mountain bike, you can personalise many of its features. The frame, the fittings, the groupset, the wheels, and the paint are great starting points for customising your Profile bike.

Customising Your Profile Bicycle Frameset

The frame is the body of your bike and, therefore, the most vital part of the structure. Base all other parts on the measurements of the frame. For example, the seat post that connects the seat to the frame must fit the internal diameter of the frame's seat tube. If you are unsure of your measurements, visit a shop for a professional's help. Buy a frameset, which includes the frame and the forks, to simplify customisation. Keep in mind that taller people generally prefer a longer seat tube while shorter people prefer shorter tubes.

Customising the Fittings on Your Profile Bicycle

The fittings are the small connections that attach other parts, such as the seat and the brakes, to the frame. The fittings you need include a fork insert, headset, seat post clamp, brake mounts, bottom brackets, and cable stops. Many framesets now come with a headset, but if your Profile bike does not, check the frame's head tube specifications before buying another.

Customising the Groupset on Your Profile Bicycle

The groupset includes the brake and gear levers, brake callipers, chains, cranks, derailleurs, and cassettes. You cannot mix and match many of these parts between brands, so look for a full set. You can purchase some of these parts in bright, eye-catching colours to complement the frame's paint job.

Choosing Custom Tyres for Your Profile Bicycle

Different kinds of bikes require different bike tyres. Tyre systems to choose from include clincher, tubular, and tubeless. Each type provides a different ride. For example, a tubeless wheel offers a smoother ride and the feel of more traction. For road racing, opt for tubular wheels, which are the lightest wheels and have a very round profile. If you are customising a BMX bike, get wheels with quality tread for maximum traction and grip.

Changing the Paint to Customise Your Bicycle

As possibly the best part of customising, take your time deciding on colours and paint designs for your Profile bike. First, remove all parts you do not want painted. Next, degrease the bike and remove the old paint with sandpaper. Hang the bike by its head tube in a well-ventilated area. Apply several coats of primer. Afterwards, allow the primer to dry completely and then sand the bike again to provide the smoothest surface possible for the paint. Apply thin coats of paint until you achieve the colour you want. Lastly, spray on a lacquer to give your bike a brand-new shine.