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Northwave Extreme Tech Plus Black - 2015


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 235 (per-shoe) g.

Extreme Tech Plus Black - 2015

Pro Line - Perform like a Master

The character of the shoe is evident from the name: PRO. Designed and conceived by interpreting the needs of the professionals, this line is made with the most innovative technological advancements available, making use of cutting-edge solutions and ultra-light materials. Ideal for athletes who demand top performance from the products they choose. Because every detail can make the difference at the finish line.

Extreme Lightness

Lightness first! Extreme Tech Plus is developed to provide top performance with reduced weight. All components have been designed to offer maximum lightness: the sole, the locking system and a unibody upper. Its sole is full carbon for top stiffness with minimum thickness and it operates with a double SLW2 dial closing system for micrometric closure and minimized thickness and weight. Thermowelded unibody upper, without stitching and overlapping materials.

Ultra Light Carbon Sole

Top power transfer. Minimal thickness. Unbeatable lightness. Ultralight is the sole chosen by our best athletes. This year it has been further stiffened yet uses the same Airflow system to maintain excellent ventilation. The new Speedplay Adaptor also provides maximum power transfer onto the pedals thanks to a superthin stack of just 0.5 mm.

S.L.W.2 Micrometric Closure

Lighter, smaller and more accurate. The closure of the shoe can be adjusted whilst pedalling thanks to the "step by step" button. The release side button makes it easy the fully open of the shoe.

NW Biomechanical Mapping

From a biomechanical point of view, the foot function is essential as it stores the force generated by muscles which is then transmitted to the pedal in the boost phase. We’re talking about very high forces: think of a sudden acceleration or continual uphill bursts. An athlete who travels 30,000 km per year performs approximately five million pedal strokes.

Each element of the BioMap shoes by Northwave has been designed to keep the foot in the correct position while pedalling, transmitting the force directly on the pedals without loss of energy. The soles have been reduced in thickness but the overall stiffness has been increased so the mechanical energy transfer action from the shoe to the pedal can be concentrated in a small area. Consequently, the thrust area, to be more effective, has to be placed next to the pedal. The upper has had its stitching minimized and is designed to anatomically follow the shape of the foot, preventing slipping and providing an effective support. The vents have also been strategically placed along the upper and the sole to work as an integrated system designed to provide a constant air flow.

BioMap by Northwave products are developed by taking advantage of the biomechanical tests performed on our award-medalists champions, so as to work in synergy to the natural movement of the body during the athletic gesture, along all the contact points with the bike and facilitate an effective aerodynamic resistance to air. No detail can be ignored if you want to be the first to cross the finish line.

Extreme Air Footbed

Ultralight, anallergic and antibacterial, it keeps your feet amazingly fresh with numerous vents that correspond with the vents on the sole. 

New Northwave Speedplay Adapter System
. Co-developed with Speedplay
. Nylon with stainless steel outsole protection plate
. Just 0.3mm stack height instead of 3mm with normal Speedplay adaptor
. Saves 7.5 grams
. Still allows natural curved outsole shape and reduces unnecessary weight that some 4 hole flat soled Speedplay specific shoes have.
. The natural outsole shape means the fore or aft cleat positions do not push the pedal further from the foot compared to completely flat 4 hole systems.



Weight: 235 (per-shoe) g.

Size: Black

Weight: 235 (per-shoe) g.

Size: Black

Brand: Northwave

Product code: NWS801410011236z

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