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Rotor QXL Aero Chainring Set 130BCD

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QXL Aero Chainring Set 130mm BCD

"The QXL chainrings are aimed at bigger, high power riders who tend to be rich in fast twitch muscle fibres" .Check out Bikeradar's review here

If you want to have that extra edge, those extra few watts and improve your sprint while pedaling smoother the QXL Aero Chainring Set could be your latest must have performance upgrade. Available in 130mmBCD and 110mmBCD to suit all road chainsets.

QXL Aero rings are preferential for riders with dominant fast-twitch muscle (fast deactivation dynamics) build looking for more ovality to achieve their potential. These are typically “powerful” riders with larger muscle mass-producing a higher peak and average power output. For example, sprinters tend to have predominantly fast twitch muscle build. This makes an increased degree of ovality optimal because these riders benefit from the decreased negative work the grater ovality offers. QXL Aero rings noticeably improve out of the saddle riding (sprint or climb), helping most during moments of maximum effort when the "dead spots" become far more critical.

Why did we design QXL rings?

Despite the fact that Q-Rings have won a startling amount of cycling’s major titles (Olympic Golds, Tour de France, Vuelta España, World championships in Road, TT, Cyclocross, Marathon MTB, Duathlon, Triathlon and much, much more) a product line that doesn’t develop appears to remain stagnant. Q-Rings have been incrementally improved with each individual production batch throughout the 6 years they have been on the market, but no major redesign warranting large scale “new version” communication has been made.

Standard Q-Rings offer an optimal adaptation-stability-biomechanical balance for most cyclists, however we are aware of scientific research and feedback from pro riders that shows that greater ovality can be desirable and useful for certain athletes. Not all riders have the same muscle build, riding form, or pedaling style. This is an opportunity we needed to design a new product to properly exploit. QXL rings are designed more for a type of rider than a specific cycling discipline.

When we applied our biomechanical and engineering knowledge to an increased ovality, we found that the feedback was positive from many professional riders previously skeptical or lukewarm towards Q-Rings. These athletes predominantly reported an improved cycling experience, particularly when pedaling out of the saddle and accelerating. We have seen that QXL chainrings are most noticeable when riding in conditions of high power delivery and consistent maximum (peak) effort, like time trials, sprints, breakaways, riding styles that involve frequent out of the saddle riding, etc.


'Standard' Chainrings to Fit 130BCD (Bolt Circle Distance) chainsets
Steel shift pins

Colour: Black

Material: Aluminium 7075 T6

'Standard' Chainrings to Fit 130BCD (Bolt Circle Distance) chainsets
Steel shift pins

Colour: Black

Brand: Rotor

Product code: CRQxl5341Bz


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