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Speedplay Syzr Titanium Pedals

349.98 GBP

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 275 g.(Pair)

Syzr Ti

Speedplay’s new Syzr, a culmination of years of research & development, an attempt to make the ultimate, made-to-go-anywhere clipless pedal system. Has it worked? Quite possibly.

The Syzr's used patented, micro-adjustable float technology. By designing a pivot mechanism directly into the cleat, the Syzr is the only off-road pedal system to provide a user-customizable, 10-degree range of float. Cleat set-up is easier too since there is no need to reposition the cleat to make angular adjustments. A first for offroad pedals!

"At first sight, Speedplay’s new Syzr off-road pedals look very much like a Shimano SPD pedal with a front cleat engagement pin and a rear spring-loaded hinged cleat retainer. However, as with their road pedals there’s a lot of adjustment built into the cleat." Cycling Weekly May 2015

To make Syzr pedals easier to engage, Syzr cleats feature proprietary Funnel Guides that steer the cleat into the pedal’s latch mechanism. Two wing-shaped Funnel Guides at the front of each cleat effectively increase the size of the target area to facilitate easier engagement. Additionally, engagement security has been optimized by reversing the typical orientation of the pedal’s latch mechanism. The Syzr’s new latch design virtually prevents inadvertent release when pulling hard on the pedals.

Syzr pedals use precision needle and cartridge bearings and feature a convenient built-in grease-port for easy routine maintenance. Syzr cleats are compatible with all recessed 2-hole shoe mounts, and unlike some systems, Syzr pedals will not cause damage to your shoes.
Syzr pedals are available in a choice of stainless steel or titanium spindles and will offer a wide range of custom-fit options. As with  all Speedplay Pedal Systems, local manufacturing is a priority, so many of the Syzr’s components are produced in the US and then hand-assembled at Speedplay in San Diego, California.


Speedplay Syzr Pedals features:

• Unique, pivoting cleat provides friction-free, knee-friendly float
• Micro-adjustable, 10-degree float range makes cleat set-up easy
• Direct-through-the-cleat power transfer means no energy loss from compression and no degradation in function from shoe sole wear
• Proprietary Ceramic Roller-Cam Release Technology ensures consistent disengagement in all conditions
• Easier entry with patented cleat Funnel Guides


Weight: 275 g.(Pair)

Colour: Black/Titanium

Material: Titanium

Weight: 275 g.(Pair)

Colour: Black/Titanium

Brand: Speedplay

Product code: SPE-12110z

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